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Michelle Castro CMT. LE.

Peep The Hashtag

I work in a field that is hard to demonstrate what I actually do I can't stop work with a body to snap a picture of beautifully placed stones, or the perfect blending of essential oils that enhance a treatment. I do however rely on the reviews of clients to share their experiences with me in the studio. If you are on social media such as Instagram take a peek at the hashtag #michellecastro_absolutebliss 

Meet your wellness consultant 

 I have always had an affinity for wellness, holistic care, skin and self care since I was a young girl. I have forever been a lover of lotions & potions, aroma and essence. Falling into my craft seemed natural to me

I was called to this work and truly believe it is what I am here to do. I work intuitively and allow my clients bodies and skin to guide me to what needs to be done to promote healing and wellness.  I graduated from The National Holistic Institute in Emeryville Ca. in 2002. Since then developing my craft and building my holistic tool box has been of high priority. 

When I am not in the studio blissing out clients  I stay busy raising my sons, working out, self caring and furthering my knowledge in the field I  am passionate about. Massage and skin care are my passions. Touch is one of the most important things I do. I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your wellness goals.  

Learn more about the happenings in the studio and my work on Instagram 


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