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Ohhh La La Hot Stones

Say it with me ... hot stone therapy. Have you had it? It's delicious.  Stone massage is a form of therapy that offers tremendous results to the client. A technique that uses hot and cold stones to alleviate stress, melt away muscle tension and really allow the you to bliss out and relax.

Hot stone therapy can enjoyed with any massage modality  or as an add on to a session.  I am a huge fan of mixing hot rocks with aromatherapy.  By combining both to a session are you melting the muscle tension with the heat of the hot stone . The heat allows for a deeper stroke . The essential oils used  during sessions  can help increase circulation, decrease stress , increase relaxation and really allow you the client to get the most out of your session. Often helping a client improve range of motion,  alleviate tension and in most  cases help a client sleep well after their session.

This month I am running a build your own bliss special.  If you have never tried hot stones  in the past this may a great time to give it a go.  

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Graham Holden on Thursday, November 01, 2012 1:51 AM
I am really impressed to read this type of post about Ohhh La La Hot Stones. Really I have got relief from my back pain by this hot stone massage. Thanks mate. Carry on.
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Cobblestones on Friday, August 23, 2013 3:00 AM
Yes, its a great post. The hot stones are very useful for the different treatments processes.

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A technique that uses hot and cold stones to alleviate stress, melt away muscle tension and really allow the you to bliss out and relax.
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botox on Monday, July 01, 2013 9:43 PM
Hot stone therapy is so popular now days. It helps to relax our muscles and helps in pain.
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The essential oils used during sessions can help increase circulation, decrease stress , increase relaxation and really allow you the client to get the most out of your session.
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The essential oils used during sessions can help increase circulation, decrease stress , increase relaxation and really allow you the client to get the most out of your session.
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The heat allows for a deeper stroke . The essential oils used during sessions can help increase circulation, decrease stress.
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